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QBE A&H is unique in the competitive employer stop loss insurance marketplace. The key to our past and future success is the quality business relationships we enjoy.

The opportunities presented by our business partners allow us to deliver a core value proposition: Dedicated Service and Solutions.
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Looking ahead to 2018, Phillip Giles of QBE North America predicts continued uncertainty for the healthcare reform
Reference-based pricing plans can be a highly effective form of alternative provider network, if they are implemented in a reasonable way to all parties involved, according to Phillip Giles of QBE
Having the ability to stabilise regulatory and fiscal certainty through self-funding will continue to drive expansion of the self-insured and medical stop-loss captive markets, says Phillip Giles of QBE North America
They may be little understood, but medical stop-loss lasers are most likely here to stay. Phillip Giles of QBE NA demystifies the method
The biggest challenge is orientating risk managers and benefits managers to the intricacies of each other’s business segments as self-funding and using captives for medical stop-loss continues to expand, says Phillip Giles of QBE North America
As more employers look to incorporate captives into their risk and benefits management strategies, an understanding of collateralisation will become increasingly important, according to Phillip Giles of QBE North America
Increased cost sharing to foster better consumerism, more efficient plan design, alternative treatment venues and greater use of technology and data can empower a self-insured health plan. Phillip Giles of QBE North America explains
Self-funding has long proven to be the most efficient form of financing healthcare insurance, says Phillip Giles of QBE North America
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Given the level of interest and consistency—even in very soft medical stop-loss market conditions—Phillip Giles of QBE North America expects sustained growth for both single-parents and groups, as he tells Becky Butcher
With the Affordable Care Act still having an impact on self-funding and the use of medical stop-loss captives, Phillip Giles of QBE North America explores where this area will go next
The Affordable Care Act has helped to accelerate interest in medical stop-loss captives, says Phillip Giles of QBE Insurance Group
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AHPs rule could have future effect on captive market
12 January 2018 | New York | Reporter: Ned Holmes
The DOL proposed rules on AHPs could have a future impact on the medical stop-loss captive insurance market, according to Phillip Giles, vice president of sales and marketing at QBE North America
Axial Benefits Group complete captive deal
12 October 2017 | Massachusetts | Reporter: Becky Butcher
Axial Benefits Group has completed a medical stop-loss transaction with QBE North America to enhance its healthcare purchasing coalition operations
John Beckman joins QBE’s North America team
11 April 2017 | | Reporter: Becky Butcher
QBE North America has appointed John Beckman as chief underwriting officer, based in the company’s New York office
QBE launches new cyber risk solution
17 February 2017 | New York | Reporter: Becky Butcher
QBE North America has launched a new solution to help protect against the increasing threat of cyber intrusions
Russell Johnston named new QBE North America CEO
04 May 2016 | New York | Reporter: Becky Butcher
QBE North America has appointed Russell Johnston as the new CEO of its North American operations. He will be based in New York...
QBE: medical stop-loss in captives on the rise
08 April 2016 | New York | Reporter: Becky Butcher
Companies that self-fund their employee health insurance plans are increasingly using medical stop-loss captives, according to a whitepaper by QBE North America...
WNS to manage QBE Insurance analytics operations
10 February 2016 | 10 March 2016 | Reporter: Becky Butcher
WNS Holdings has been selected to deliver analytics for QBE Insurance Group...
QBE North America appoints new chief claims officer
24 February 2016 | New York | Reporter: Becky Butcher
QBE North America has appointed Daniel Franzetti as chief claims officer...
QBE Accident & Health names VP of sales and marketing
25 February 2014 | New York | Reporter: Stephen Durham
QBE Accident & Health has named Phillip Giles as vice president of sales and marketing...
QBE reflect on disappointing 2013
25 February 2014 | Sydney | Reporter: Stephen Durham
Insurance group QBE has announced a net loss after tax of $254 million during its 2013 full year results...
Global insurance and reinsurance company’s captive is on the up
16 August 2012 | Oldwick, New Jersey | Reporter: Mark Dugdale
Securities Lending default image
A captive of Sydney-based QBE Insurance Group has had its financial strength rating upgraded to “A- (Excellent)” from “B++ (Good)” and its issuer credit rating upgraded to “a-” from “bbb”...
S&P rates QBE reinsurance A+
03 July 2012 | Australia | Reporter: Georgina Lavers
Securities Lending default image
QBE Insurance Group has been given a stable rating by S&P, with core and strategically important operating subsidiaries including QBE Reinsurance Corp and QBE Reinsurance (Europe) rated as A+...