European Captive Insurance and Reinsurance Owners`

Mr. Günter Dröse (Chairman)


ECIROA was formed on 19 August 2008. The association has as object the protection and support of the captive industry as well as representation of its members in discussions with official, regulatory bodies. The Association is aimed at being a forum for captive owners where these can exchange experience across border, business sector or line of insurance business.

In order to get country specific inputs into its working groups and to become true Pan-European the Association wants to attract further members from all European Countries. Now there is one official body – ECIROA – which will be acknowledged as the representantive of Captive owners and thus a direct, competent counterparty for all national and supranational regulatory bodies which may have influence on captives` activities. The association will become involved when specific problems of captives require attention.
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