Cook Islands Financial Services Development Authority

Cook Islands Financial Services Development Authority

P.O. Box 3255,
Clarkes Building,
Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Cook Islands

(682) 21-175


A leading international finance center for over thirty years, the Cook Islands is a prime choice for sophisticated international services for the most discerning wealthy clients and corporate entities. Located in the South Pacific northeast of New Zealand, west of Tahiti, and south of Hawaii, the country comprised of fifteen islands and 13,000 people boasts an ideal location and a global client reach for its legal and financial services. Part of the British Commonwealth, the Cook Islands has a stable Parliamentary system of democratic government.

Popular with clients of countries with a Common Law legal system, the jurisdiction also attracts an increasing number of clients from Civil Law jurisdictions due to the country's strong legislation related to international financial services. Close ties with New Zealand allow the Cook Islands access to the New Zealand judiciary from which it draws its judges in the High Court. This ensures a sophisticated and fair justice system providing confidence to the corporate entities and individuals who use the international financial services of the jurisdiction.

Known best for its trust legislation, the Cook Islands also offers corporate entity formation through International Companies, Limited Liability Companies, Foundations, and International Partnerships. Legislation also allows for various insurance services including Captive Insurance, and the jurisdiction maintains access to premium banking services through relationships with international banks. Trust companies also provide a wide array of administrative services to allow centralized and efficient operation of client structures. The jurisdiction also has a strong Maritime Registry with representatives in countries all over the world, including China. As the client composition of the jurisdiction continues to diversify, the integration of multinational wealth and corporate services in an international best practices framework strengthens the quality of industry work.

Conveniently located between the world's two superpowers, the Cook Islands provides a full range of corporate, trust, and financial planning services in a globally advantageous business environment. Whether you represent large corporations, closely held businesses, family offices, or individuals, you will find everything you need in the Cook Islands. Stability. Innovation. Service.